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i can see that youve connected to my

doesnt it look SO RAD??? personally, i think it's the coolest website ever, and that's because it is. this website is so RADICALLY cool, i can be sure that its the most RADICAL website youve ever seen in all of your days surfing the Internet.


May 15, 2023: Hey Dawg I Heard You Liked Backgrounds So I Put A Background In Your Background So You Can Background While You Background

🎵 - Everyday Castle - Bonelab

i designed this website to work on tiny screens, but mobile phones are just too tiny for this site!
this site is best viewed on a desktop computer.

hotlink my button !

this buton was designed by dimden his button is in the button zone


either websites i like or just funny pictures!!!

SHREK 2 SHEEPIT FREE DISTRIBUTED RENDER FARM DIMDEN InvoxiPlayGames THIS WEBSITE SUCKS Neocities.org. THE WEB IS YOURS Internet Explorer is EVIL! Take back the web, Firefox Don't be a phone chump! Get a computer! NOW! Microsoff Internet Exploiter melps BAN TIME TRAVEL "NOW" pocl.v this site is MIKU APPROVED! Google Chrome is EVIL! UNCANNY VALLEY WEB BUNGEE GUM 88x31 Piracy Now! FREE DOOM DESPACITO Now! DELETE TWITTER, MAKE A NEOCITIES POWERED BY Darwin Best Viewed 800x600 I wish it was 2001! Still using buttons in 2019! ACAB NOT MY PRES, awful drawing of joe biden shitting i honestly don't know what this one is POWERED BY bob d-d-doin your mom Dreamcast Play With STEAM SKIDZONE jesse, the line was "im sorry mr white" BOOGTOONS NANSENSU TWELVE MEN UMJAMMERCAMMY FIRTNITE lexdog melankorin

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your browser STINKS so i made the website worse to accomodate